Baxyl Hyaluronan Liquid, 6 oz.(Pack of 2) by Baxyl

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Baxyl Hyaluronan Liquid, 6 oz.(Pack of 2) by Baxyl Description

FEEL BETTER – Baxyl’s highly concentrated oral liquid formulation matches the body’s own High Molecular Weight Hyaluronan (hyaluronic acid or HA) for maximum absorption and joint relief.* Baxyl is 3.8 times more effective than dry dosage forms, C Hefner PhD.;MOVE BETTER – Baxyl relieves joint discomfort & occasional stiffness, and promotes healthy cartilage and bone formation.* In a clinical study D Kiburz MD FAAOS reported 84% of participants had excellent to good results in an average of only 21 days.;PROVEN EFFECTIVE – A two-time Best of Supplements Award winners, Baxyl’s nutritional grade MHB3 Hyaluronan has multiple double-blind, placebo controlled, pre-clinical studies and earned four US Patents for the support of joint and bone health.*;COMPLETELY SAFE – Baxyl is vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, and contains no Chinese ingredients. It is odorless, colorless and tasteless. There are no known adverse side effects, contraindications, or drug interactions. Produced via microbial fermentation to ensure there are no extraneous animal proteins that may cause allergic reactions.;*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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