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The Washington Native Plant Society is located at Magnuson Park in Seattle just off the main entrance from Sand Point Way. We encourage you to call the office if you have questions or contact us through email.

Staff availability varies, so please call the office before visiting to make an appointment; after office hours are available.

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Call or Visit

(206) 527 3210

Monday - Thursday
9am - 4pm

6310 NE 74th Street, Suite 215E
Seattle, WA  98115

9am - 12pm

WNPS Office Staff

Denise Mahnke
Business Manager

Elizabeth Gage
Office & Volunteer Coordinator

Directions from Park Entrance

The WNPS office is located in Warren G. Magnuson Park.  The park entrance is at 7400 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA.
Upon entering the park, drive straight ahead.  The WNPS office will be on your left in Building 30 (6310 NE 74th St.).  
It is a brick building attached to an airplane hangar.  Enter the door with the blue awning that says Seattle Parks and Recreation.
The office is located in the south east corner of the building on the second floor.  Directional signs will guide you.

For Meetings:

The downstairs conference room is immediately on your left upon entering the front door.
The upstairs conference room is a large open area on the building’s second floor.