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San Juan Islands Chapter

The San Juan Islands boast beauty from every island corner featuring forests, prairies, Garry oak woodlands, and wetlands. This chapter meets annually in February with occasional events and trips planned throughout the year. The San Juan Islands Chapter is dedicated to the preservation, conservation, study, and restoration of native plants and vegetation throughout the San Juan Islands and  supports educational outreach on the values of the native flora and its habitat throughout the islands. San Juan Island Chapter welcomes new members, and those who are interested are encouraged to volunteer.


Upcoming Event: Showing "Intelligent Trees"

Trees talk, know family ties and care for their young? Is this too fantastic to be true? German forester Peter Wohlleben ('The Hidden Life of Trees') and scientist Suzanne Simard (The University of British Columbia, Canada) have been observing and investigating the communication between trees over decades. And their findings are most astounding. Trees are so much more than rows of wood waiting  to be turned into furniture, buildings or firewood. They are more than organisms producing oxygen or cleaning the air for us. They are individual beings that have feelings, know friendship have a common language and look after each other. This documentary explores the various ways that trees communicate with each other- from a forester's observations as well as through the microscope of a scientist.

Questions, contact Del Guenther . More about Intelligent Trees: